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Learning and Growing from the sharing of many paths

The Grove is not a Coven, and you do not need to belong to any specific belief system to be a part of the Grove. We offer weekly classes taught by our members, which allows us to learn from each other on a week-to-week basis. Also, we offer study programs with one, two, and three-year ceremonies for those who want to learn and grow at a higher level.



A Pagan and Earth-Centered Study Group

Unlike many other year and a day programs The Grove's study program does not focus on any one branch of pagan thought or belief. Rather, like our Grove itself, it focuses on a more comprehensive pagan education and background - one that can be appreciated by Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, and many others who have found their way to Abelina's Grove. To learn more, e-mail us at
Blessed be.

kimmy's altar.jpg
birch's altar.jpg
moon's altar.jpg

Each student's unique altar reflects the path they have chosen.
above left: Phoenix's Gaia Altar, above right, Moon's Santissima altar, and right, Birch's Germanic Altar


Ann R. of Texas

The Grove’s Year and a Day Program
When I began the Year and a Day program I was already an experienced magickal practitioner of many decades, starting in my teens. What I have learned in the Grove over the many months of lectures, shared stories, and thoughtfully constructed/researched and presented workshops, is a wonderful array of subjects that I otherwise would probably not have encountered.
Each week, something from a wide range of disciplines (from many different pantheons) are presented plus there are interesting Rituals, besides the regular opens and closing ones. Seasoned practitioners and new individuals can both find something in this program. Productive discussions are open to all viewpoints which are openly accepted. Questions are always welcomed and encouraged and it is always optional to participate.
Occasionally volunteer involvement is solicited when there are many parts to a fun presentation or Ritual. There is no pressure at all to step up and do something. All are welcomed, whether in-person or online, talkative, or quietly watching and listening.
For almost one year that I have been with the Grove, I have learned new ways to do Rituals plus I better understand others’ views that reflect a wide background of the various and interesting content from knowledgeable lecturers. Oh, and the cackling laughter and wolf howls are fun too!
Meetings also are a great way to gain exposure to other traditions and belief systems. I have enjoyed engaging in many conversations and social interactions and have loved meeting new people from all over the world. Whether talking about helping the homeless with plarned donated mats (I learned how to do this via Zoom thanks to Opal Luna), getting ideas for what flavor birthday cake to make for the coming month, creating a healing energy circle, or discussing the next community event, the voices of all members are heard and considered.
Overall, I find the wide variety of content each week beneficial to both the novice and the experience practitioner no matter their personal spiritual persuasion. I also encourage anyone interested to inquire about learning through the beneficial and informative Year and a Day Program.
~Ann JR, Texas

abelina watches.jpg

Abelina watches from a chair at the Mead Hall prior to Phoenix's 1st year ceremony

Birch, left, as she prepares for her 3rd degree Independent Study Ceremony and Phoenix, right, during her 1st year ceremony

Year and a Day Celebrations

Year and a Day Celebrations

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