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Effective 10/31/21

Ours is a continual “work in progress” and as of 10/31/21, our three areas of focus are: EDUCATION,, COMMUNITY OUTREACH and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.

-              We hold at least ONE open ritual for each of the eight (8) Sabbats

-              We may also hold classes and by invitation only rituals at the discretion of the BOARD

-              We hold a weekly evening study and social group for adults. We begin the program at 7:30 PM and usually end no later than 10 PM.

-              Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult if they attend an evening group or an open ritual and are the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. Should a child be disruptive to the group, the parent or legal guardian may be asked not to bring the child in the future.

-              There may be times, dependent on the subject matter, that no one under 18 years of age may be admitted. If and when this is the case, it will be announced before the night of the actual event.

-              We tolerate NO use of illegal substances and permit NO nudity.

-              Ritualistic weapons must be used with due care to prevent injury to self or others.

-              If we use wine or other spirits during a ritual, we will also include a non-alcoholic alternative.

-              . We teach no one path or tradition. We seek, instead, to learn and grow from the interaction which develops through the sharing of various paths, traditions and ideas.

-              Attendance is optional. Personal responsibility is EXPECTED.

-              Political postings and posts soliciting money for political campaigns or party are prohibited and will removed.                 

-              We charge no dues, however, we “pass the cauldron” at every gathering, ritual and event

-              We clean up our own mess.

-              Fire tenders must be over the age of 21. Only fire tenders are to feed the fire.

-              We do not provide transportation for minors and respect the responsibilities of their parents or legal guardians.

-              Photos or video are allowed by permission only; photographer or videographer must ask for permission or must be asked to take a picture of an individual or individuals. Under no circumstances is picture taking allowed during ritual without the express approval of the ritual leaders, and then only pictures of those with an active role in the ritual are allowed. No pictures may be taken of Circle members or participants.  Any pictures taken at GROVE events are for personal use only and shall not be used professionally or commercially or published in any way other than on the GROVE PRIVATE FB page or website. Press photographers must have prior written permission and must be escorted at all times by a member of the Board. Press photographers must ask permission of each person that will be in frame. Under no circumstances can Press photographers take photos during ritual.

-              Disruptive people are not welcome. This includes predatory behavior of any sort and such people will be asked to leave and will be banned from returning to The Grove for life.  Outside of predatory behavior, repeatedly disruptive people may be banned from participating in THE GROVE for a period of time or for life. This decision is made solely by the BOARD and is final,

-              It is expected, that as adults, participants understand the meaning of the word, “No” and that it does not mean, ask me again later or keep after me in hopes I will give in. Sexual harassment, which is considered a type of predatory behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone exhibiting this type of behavior will be banned from participating in THE GROVE for life. This decision is made solely by the BOARD and is final.

- Bringing personal arguments and relationship disagreements into The Grove media pages and sites will cause those posts to be deleted.

- We publish a website which contains a main page, an Ordains page, an About page, Hire A Heathen Page, a past rituals page, Grove upcoming events as well as other events that may be of interest to Pagans. We have a private FB page that can be accessed by invitation only. We also have a Meetup group where events are announced as well as a You Tube Channel where some of our past classes and rituals can be found. We send a weekly email describing events, presentation and may include special announcements from time to time. Our email list is blind and private.

-              The expectation is that all participants will treat each other with dignity, kindness and respect. People who cannot, may be asked to leave and if behavior is continuous may be banned from THE GROVE for a period of time or for life. This decision is made solely by the BOARD and is final.

-              We may do a dollar split with our resource people for a specific event/presentation.

-              We perform dedications for those seriously beginning personal study.

-              We have a 3 YEAR education program. We will honor those who wish it and whom we agree have completed a “Year and a Day of Study” with a ritual that may resemble a traditional “First Degree” ceremony, HOWEVER, this is not an official initiation step with THE GROVE, nor is it a certification.

-              To be more inclusive of all those following any path of an Earth Religion, in public statements we call ourselves Pagans and not Witches.





-              Birch V. Baum, TREASURER


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