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The donations you make to The Grove make a difference to our pagan community both near and far. The money supports our classes, our rituals, and our environmental activism program, the Green Man Alliance.

There are various ways you can donate. You can donate to our cauldron while meeting in person, become a Ritual Patron with a designated donation to our Ritual Sponsorship program, or donate via our PayPal with the e-Cauldron below.

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With This Gift I Give to Thee
Let it Come Back to Me by the Power of Three
Blessed Be
So Mote it Be



Make an Impact

Putting on a ritual with The Grove is a tremendous honor, especially for our students in the Year and Day second and third year program. It is also a major responsibility. However, we do not want this to be a financial burden on any one Priest, Priestess, or Priestex. 

With our ritual patron program, you can earmark your PayPal or in-person donation to help buy ritual supplies, cakes and ale, and other necessities of a public ritual. Your donation can be made anonymously, however, we also honor the Ritual Patrons at the end of the ceremony.

Other Programs

Giving means more than money. If you wish to help Abelina's Grove in our community outreach programs, here's a few suggestions:

Image by Victor Grabarczyk

Friends of Animals Committee

Abelina's Grove Friends of Animals Committee brings necessary supplies and funds to our local animal shelters. Each week you can bring food, cleaning supplies, toys, and other necessities to the Grove In-Person gatherings as a Friends of Animals donation.

Plastic Bag

Monthly Plarning Session

The Green Man Alliance hosts a monthly "plarning" circle. Volunteers are needed to cut plastic bags into strips, and to crochet the strips into sleeping mats which are donated to Broward Homeless Outreach for the unhoused community in Broward County.

Metals Recycling Program

The Green Man Alliance also wants your recyclable metals, especially aluminum and tin. The GMA keeps these valuable materials out of the landfill by donating them to a metals recycling center which can  make them into something new. 

In addition to our continuing Earth-Based giving programs, we hold special events for Earth Day , Field Gleanings to supply Food Banks with fresh vegetables, and other initiatives meant to give back to our Mother Earth and her children, human, animal, and plant.

Our Continuing


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