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Abelina's Grove is an independent 501c3 Religious Organization based in Margate, Florida. We cater to Earth-based practitioners both in our area and in our online communities. 

The Grove provides educational opportunities, ritual and rite of passage ceremonies, and Earth-Centered community activism for all of our community members and visitors. We welcome seekers who may already know a path and wish to share their journey with others, as well as those who are still finding their way.

We are also proud to support the LGBTQATS+ Communities both Pagan and Non-Pagan alike. ​ Check out our website or contact us via the chat feature to learn more about who we are and how we may help you on the Moonpaths.



Education, Ethics, and Community

Abelina's Grove is a Pagan Congregation, but we are neither a closed practice nor a Coven. We offer Pagans of all backgrounds the chance to celebrate our rituals and sabbats, drum beneath the full moon, and make friends at our weekly Friday classes.

We have two main committees: Friends of Animals and the Green Man Alliance.

The Friends of Animals Committee works with local rescues to raise money and donate necessary food, toys, and other products. 

Our Green Man Alliance is centered around volunteer opportunities which give back to the Earth. Members plarn mats for the homeless, keeping hundreds of plastic bags out of the landfills while also providing a waterproof mat to the unhoused of Broward County. 

If you are interested in volunteering with Abelina's Grove, you can reach out to us by e-mail or watch our weekly e-mail blasts for new opportunities with either committee.

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